PACKAGE PRICE LIST: (Each Shoot Includes All Images Taken During Shoot)
First Impressions Package* (Beginner Package): $600 - A minimum of one hour including shoot time, setting and outfit changes. Includes as many setting and outfit changes as possible in the time span. Deposit: $250 Best Value: For $100 extra ($700), get a 90 minute shoot and two (2) web size edited images of your choice for promotion.
Impact Package* (Standard Package): $1000 - A half day of three hours or more including shoot time, setting and outfit changes. Includes as many setting and outfit changes as possible in the time span.  You will get three (3) images, two (2) of your choice edited for web promotion and one (1) of Chris's edited for magazine submission. Deposit: $250
Complete Portfolio Package* (Deluxe Package): $1700 - A full five hour day or more including shoot time, travel (if necessary), setting and outfit changes. Additional charges may be added if the day exceeds five hours. You will get six (6) images, five (5) of your choice edited for web promotion, and one (1) of Chris's edited for magazine submission. 
* Packages include all images on the same day of your shoot unless otherwise discussed. Each package includes the same attention and direction Chris provides when shooting for the fitness industry's top magazines. If David tells you that you will be published at the shoot, there is a 100% guarantee you will be. No other photographer in the industry can make that promise. Hair and Make-Up can be added for an additional $150 fee (Please let Chris know if you require this. A two week notification is needed to secure the best artists).
Edits: Available at $50/high rez edit, $25/web edit. The $250 deposit is non-refundable. If not associated with any "show specials" it may be moved as a deposit for a future shoot. Please save your images to your computer or a DVD within 14 days of receipt. Resend requests will be available at $20 per request.
Chris shoots with the highest end Canon equipment to ensure the best quality of imagery possible. He utilizes multiple mono-head lights on each set and uses ProFoto and Elinchrom lighting accessories to ensure precise lighting to maximize full creative control. (Please note: this may vary when Chris travels, but he still carries a minimum of three lights and accessories to all locations in the US.) 
Chris shares all rights to images. Exception is commercial use by third party for profit. 
A 60-90 second video promo trailer shot during your shoot is available for $300.
Group Rates - Group sessions is an exciting way to shoot with Chris in the comfort and fun of your friends. Get a group together and schedule a time where you can all take part. 2 people (1.5 hours) - $1100, 3 people (2 hours total) - $1500, 4 people (2.5 hours total) - $1900, 5 people (3 hours total) - $2250, 6 (4 hours total) - $2550. Deposit is $500. All rights to images shared. Exception is commercial use by third party for profit. Hair and Make-Up not included.
Commercial Photography: Please provide us with all pertinent information for an accurate quote. We know the industry well and know the value of our photography. Our images are not available for commercial use unless discussed and arranged with Chris prior to use. We have a great legal team that will represent us if our images are illegally used. If such a situation arises, we will be charging $500/day/image that a image has been publicly used. Anyone conducting business knows the value of a strong image. You do not conduct business for free, so please respect the fact that we too do not conduct business for free. 
Agents/Agencies: Please contact directly. Have ready professionally detailed information.
Weddings: An investment in Chris's wedding packages start at just $3000. This would include all images fully released on a DVD typically within twenty-four hours of the wedding. This includes formal and ceremony images. Preparation coverage can be added for a an additional $500. Reception coverage is available. Contact for details.
Portraits: Contact with details for a price quote.
Contest Stage Coverage: $100 at weigh-ins (pre-show pricing), $200 (post show pricing) after event has started for one or more photos. Cash, check or credit card is accepted. No refunds. We guarantee a minimum of five images from the show or next show coverage is free, provided you sign up for coverage at or before the registration/athlete's meeting. Please note that we cannot control the amount of stage time you take, your posing, movement etc or the movement amongst the judges in front. To ensure the most images possible, we need your filled out form the night before the show. Forms delivered on Saturday will possibly result in fewer images.